Social & Digital

The Communication Place can improve the Social Media & Digital presence of your Business. (Visit Facebook to read client recommendations!)

Social Media is the new normal in communication. Marketing on Digital channels is a need for any business.


Starting small is the best way to go if your business is new to the world of Social Media and Digital. Understanding your Business need and benefits of using a mix of social platforms is important. 


I will help your Business find the tools and manage a flexible Social and Digital Strategy for your Business. 

Here are some important questions to consider.


1. Does your business need a new Website or plan to start using Social Media?

2. Is your business Website and Digital presence lacking interest and impact?

3. What are the goals and objectives of the business/product/service?

4. How will your business manage and monitor a Social Media channel and Digital strategy?

Get in touch with me to discuss a Social Media & Digital plan for your Business.