Looking backwards to go forwards. 12. + 3.

2018. You have been a big year. On so many levels I have been surprised by you.

Perhaps cynicism is creeping in at my ripe age of 45. Upon reflection it’s been a HUGE, BIG, SPLENDIFEROUS year.

Here are the 12 things I am grateful for in 2018. (In no particular order 😊)

  1. My son starting and finishing Prep with no upsetting moments (for him or me).

  2. Falling head over heels with respect and empathy for his Prep teacher and aide.

  3. My husband realising his career skills are in demand and respected.

  4. Watching my daughter master the art of negotiation and conversation at age 3.

  5. Learning a school doesn’t need a fancy uniform, fancy building or gourmet tuckshop to be a good community.

  6. Meeting supportive families who understand the challenge of young children, home and work juggles.

  7. Building a business from scratch and having 100% support to do it.

  8. Working at my own pace with people whom I genuinely like and learn from.

  9. Getting to know entrepreneurial women and men who are truly giving life a damn good go.

  10. Putting myself out there in said new business, promoting my service and getting clients.

  11. Knowing when I need to learn and expand my skills.

  12. Knowing when I’m wrong and admitting it.

Tip of the iceberg and there’s lots more gratefulness I could share.

So now I’ve looked back. How about you? As a fellow business owner, could you spend 10 minutes to write your grateful list for 2018?

I thought of 12, one for each month this year. You could try “top 3”, “top 6” any sequence you like.

Looking back on 2018 and 3 marketing tips for 2019
Looking back on 2018 and 3 marketing tips for 2019

Now, looking forward.

2019. There you are, just peeping around the corner, waiting to delight, surprise and shock me with the unexpected, unwarranted and untimely surprises.

Will I love every “unwarranted” surprise? Ah no.

Will I lose it occasionally when surprises are “untimely”? Yes, because who really likes interrupted plans. Not me.

Will I question those unexpected surprises? No. They’re my favourite. The ones where I don’t know where life will take me, which path leads to wherever and to whomever.

My second year in business will be more planned, analysed and tested.

I know what I want, what I really, really want (thank you #spicegirls circa 1996 😊) More on that later.

Do you know what you really, really want for your business? (Apart from sales growth)

If you do, that’s great. But if you don’t or are not sure where to start, here’s 3 tips to get you on your way for 2019.

1. Customers – Look at your customers. How long has it been since you asked your customers for their view on your business? Do you have super loyal customers you could connect with more strongly? Are you supporting your customers with high quality service? What is your customer complaints process? Does your business implement feedback from customers to make their next experience better?

2. Data – Look at your sales, returns, out of stock, stock on hand, website analytics, email open and click rates, social media engagement rates and return on investment. Spending a little time diving into data opens up ideas and opportunities for improvements, big and small.

3. Activities – Look at what promotional and advertising activities your business has done in the past year. Is there a regular activity that could do with a fresh look? What’s the response rate? Have you been doing the same old promotional or advertising activities for your business? It is probably time for a full review and audit on return on investment to capitalise and maximise new advertising channels and opportunities.

There. 3 #marketingtips to start off your 2019. (I’ll be looking my 3 areas too 😊)

If you do answer the 3 tips, I bet at end of 2019, your list of gratefulness will be overflowing.

Need help to make this happen, send me a message to nicola@thecommunicationplace.com.au



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