10 questions every small business must answer….

Imagine starting a holiday or adventure without a map, reservation or itinerary.

Not just a one day Sunday drive exploring, but longer holidays away, you know you need a plan. Of some type.

Now. Imagine as a small business going about your daily existence / grind / hustle / to do list without a plan. “I don’t have to imagine, that is me.” I hear you say.

Don't get your business lost in the wilderness! Do that Marketing Plan

It's ok (sort of) to not have a plan.

But you probably have a plan in your head, filling your inner thoughts and consciousness of all your business dreams and goals? “Yes. I have a headache.” I hear you say.

A stark fact - many small business owners in Australia do not have a - Business plan, Marketing Plan, Strategic Plan or any type of plan. Common reasons are “I’m too busy”, “I’ve heard you don’t need that these days” or my favourite “I started it and never finished my plan”.

At The Communication Place I love plans.

In particular MARKETING PLANS. And not the 50 page varieties, spending months creating this perfect document only to be put in a drawer and not used.

Anyone who says you can write a Marketing Plan on one page is, basically, telling a big fat fib.

You can’t. Or if you do, it’s size 4 font.

Did you know you could write a Marketing Plan for your business by answering 10 questions and filling in the blanks? Yes. It's true.

Here's my 10 questions every small business in Australia should be able to answer.

  1. Who are your customers?

  2. What are your products/services?

  3. Who are your competitors?

  4. What is your pricing strategy?

  5. Do you know your S.W.O.T?

  6. What is your business vision?

  7. What are your business goals?

  8. How will you reach your business goals?

  9. How much will you invest to get there?

  10. How will you measure results?

Now, you can ask many more questions. But these top 10 are a start.

Give it a go.

Look out for my future marketing plan workshops. Perfect for the small business owner who needs help, support, ideas, and a little gentle push along to get their business in ship-shape order for future growth. Or you can contact me to organise a just-for-your-business MPW (that's marketing plan workshop!).



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