Marketing Strategy

The Communication Place offers Marketing Consultancy & Planning Workshops.

A clear, concise Marketing Strategy Plan is the best way forward.  This is my specialty area and what I LOVE DOING for Small Businesses who understand the value of Marketing.

Why your business must have a Marketing Strategy.

If you don't have a map of where you want your business to be heading, how will  you know when you have arrived?

1. Goals for your business - Know what your business would like to achieve.

2. Strengths, Weakness, Threats, Opportunities (SWOT) of your business - Identifying, recognising, acknowledging will guide your decisions.

3. Competitor analysis for your business - Research, learn and know who your competitors are.

4. Target Market analysis - Past, current and ideal future customers. 

5. Product and Service development - List all products and services, which is the Cash Cow? 

6. Actionable strategies to reach your business goals - Set realistic and timely objectives.

7. Ongoing investment of your Marketing Strategy - Support investment and analysis to make future decisions.

So, what are you waiting for?

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