Brand Identity & Graphic Design

The Communication Place offers Brand Identity & Graphic Design.

Your Brand is more than just your logo. Your Brand represents the values which your Business offers the market. Your Brand should be unique.

Before building a Brand Identity questions must be answered.


1. Perception. How is your Brand perceived by your customers, clients, stakeholders and competitors? How would YOU like your Brand to be perceived?

2. To market. If your Brand has been in market for some time, how is it performing?

3. Unique value proposition. What values are important to your Business and You?

4. Let’s get creative. If your Brand was an object/animal/person, what would it be?

5. Colours, tone, feel. Can you describe/visualise how your Brand should be represented?


A clear, concise Brand Identity Plan is the best way forward. The Communication Place can help you define what your Brand represents now and how it could be in the future. 

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